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Big Changes for A Different Direction


First let us say thank to all of you who have faithfully shopped with us through out the years. Without your support, our company would have failed years ago!  As a family business we were able to provide and raise our five children to Christian adulthood and then care for Ed's mother in her declining years. 

The children are now teachers, lawyers, interactive media specialist and web designers, and network consultants which have left us as the final workers. With the sudden death of my younger brother we took a serious evaluation of our present and future. And after much prayer and discussion, we decided to attempt to return to full time ministry. Our 25 years of secular work could possibly have been a hinderance to some but we decided if God opened a door, we would walk through it. 

He opened the door to the Land of Lavender (Northwest Washington state) in August. As a result, we are downsizing both our home AND the business. Friends who are also Christian merchants, Good Stewards Books of Ohio are purchasing all of our apparel

 We will still carry sterling silver and stainless Christian jewelry, books, media, caps, and gifts.

Cutting down what we carry allow us to focus more on the work of leading others to know the Master, Jesus Christ. If you continue to shop with us we will expand the precious metal jewelry with some exclusive new designs of faith affirming jewelry. Some also feature genuine gem stones like amethyst and genuine Austrian crystal. So if you are looking for UNIQUE fine FAITH jewelry at reasonable prices, please shop and spread the word via social media and word of mouth to your friends and family. Otherwise we will assume that it is no longer a need to continue

If you are fortunate enough to go to one of the various Christian road events where Good Stewards is an exhibitor,you may purchase one of our Christian shirts designs at amazing prices. Contact them to find out when they will next be in your area.

Once again thank you,

Ed and Debby Burrows, Co-Owners