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What's in the Bible? Christian DVD Vol 1-6

What's in the Bible? Christian DVD Vol 1-6


By Veggie Tale Creator -Phil Vischer each DVD is filled with with original music, animation, puppets, and creative writing that will introduce kids to the Bible and build a knowledge of the basics of each book. A scientist, Sunday School Lady and her magic Flannel Graph, 2 exploring British brothers, a fact geek pirate, colorful animation, silly songs, and more are rolled together to produce a learning experience filled with laughter and action.

 Buck Denver, news anchor, and his zany friends will keep you engaged as you learn about God's book of love to us. Current available volumes and topics are:

Volume 1 - In the Beginning 
Volume 2 - Let My People Go!
Volume 3 - Wanderin' in the Desert
Volume 4 - Battle for the Promised Land!
Volume 5 - Israel Gets a King 
Volume 6 - Nation Divided

 When completed, this will be a 13 part series that covers the entire Old and New Testament. One can use it in the car as you travel, or Bible class, Pre-Teen gatherings, backyard VBS, TEEN fun nite, or just pop it into the dvd player at home with some popcorn, soda, and cuddle as you and your child have some family time.  Awarded 'MOM'S CHOICE AWARD' for excellence in children's entertainment & education .Approximately 45 minutes.

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