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What If?   Adventures with Grandma Metta

What If? Adventures with Grandma Metta


Grandma Metta invites children on an unforgettable journey deep into the Friendly Woods. Along the way, she asks thought-provoking "what if?" questions, like "what if we can't find a picnic basket?" and "what if we make a really big mess?" Pack a yummy picnic, gather wild berries, swim in the clear cold creek, and revel in the adventures waiting behind each bend in the trail. Prepare to dream, imagine, solve everyday problems, and live fearlessly. Learn the power of positive thinking and making good choices. This inviting and educational tale will draw young readers back again and again for more time with the lovely Grandma in the cozy cabin whose door is always open to whatever adventure the day brings.

Hardcover book that will be one that you pass onto the next generation.

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