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Pearls by Debby — ministry

EXCITING changes

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With the sudden death of my younger brother, David, we began talking about were we doing what we wanted in this last phase of life. And after much prayer, we decided to knock on the door of full time ministry again. We had raised our children, cared for Ed's mother as her health failed, and were encourage by our children to return to full time 'fishing for men'.

Ed began sending out resumes, each time in a wider circle. We didn't know if our 25+ years of being in secular work with the business would be a determinent or our...

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Since college, we felt called to open the door to the Light. We were able to serve Him in bus ministry, youth ministry, and finally family ministry full time from one coast (Alaska) to the other (Boston) and many points in between. Despite our imperfections, God used us and the harvest was sweet. Seeing the transforming power of the Gospel remove the chains of sin and free people to walk with the Lord is truly one the greatest blessings we have received.

When we first arrived in our final full time ministry, we were just a young family of 3. With...

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