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EXCITING changes

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With the sudden death of my younger brother, David, we began talking about were we doing what we wanted in this last phase of life. And after much prayer, we decided to knock on the door of full time ministry again. We had raised our children, cared for Ed's mother as her health failed, and were encourage by our children to return to full time 'fishing for men'.

Ed began sending out resumes, each time in a wider circle. We didn't know if our 25+ years of being in secular work with the business would be a determinent or our age being a factor. But we wrote our philosphy of ministry, shared about raising our children to be disciples, included a cassette tape from years ago of one of Ed's sermons and waited and prayer. For a long time there was no positive response. However in July three congregations interviewed Ed by phone and then later we were flown in for a weekend of personal meet and greets. In mid-August we accepted a position in the state of Washington.

Since accepting we have all been very busy. The congreagation has totally renovated the parsonage. We have been busy downsizing for the move. This weekend is the final full weekend to pack the house up. Next week we have the realtor put the house on the market and we load the moving truck and hit the road for the Land of Lavender. You see that area grows the most lavender in the world and in mid-July there is a festival and performances in the numerous fields. Here are just a photo to show you the beautiful place we are moving:

So as we transition to our new path, we had to make some decisions regarding   Since our focus is serving as evangelist and helpmate for this congregation, we decided that like our household we needed to downsize our internet business.

After approaching other Christian retailers, we got an offer to purchase ALL our remaining apparel and we decided to accept it. This week we are shipping our FINAL Christian clothing orders and then we send all remaining shirts, hoodies, and ties to Good Stewart Books out of Ohio on consignment. If you are fortunate enough to shop with at various Christian venues, you may be able to purchase some our designs if they are an exhibitor.

Since I was unable to obtain a transfer with the Census Bureau in that area currently, we will still sell sterling silver and stainless steel rings, necklaces, and assorted bracelets along with books, DVDs, gifts, and such on the site. If you continue to enjoy shopping with us and the transition goes well, we will be adding more exclusive sterling pieces in 2017. We are even considering broadening our product line to include precious gems in faith affirming pieces. So if that interests you ENCOURAGE your friends and family to support this change.

We will keep you posted as things develop. And as always, God Bless you for being one of our VIPs!

In Christ,



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