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Free Blessings

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As the last few months of 2013 arrive, one can't help but think about all that has transpired. For our family, it has been a year of elder care challenges, college graduations, weddings, career changes, financial hurdles, and a whole host of blessings sprinkled through out. Just this month, in midst of the government shutdown, I was marvelously surprised with a birthday visit from my oldest son and family from Denver. As a government attorney, he, his wife, and two boys were able to 'hide' at our daughter's house for my birthday dinner. Needless to say, it was the best birthday ever! I had not expected to see them for the holidays and had no idea of the plans afoot.

And aren't the unexpected blessings the one's you cherish the most?

In light of that fact, we want to thank you for shopping with us in 2013 and in appreciation, we wanted to alert you to THREE unexpected 'free blessings' that you could partake:

>>>>>> October 21, all orders of $35 or more will receive a free gift starting with the  

Quanities are limited -if you really want the above bracelet, shop NOW
a new item will be chosen for the $35 +up order offer when the above is gone

>>>>>>Beginning in November 2013    

FREE Holiday Christian Gift GIVEAWAY Contest 

7 lucky winners of one of the prizes
 >>>>>>> BLACK Friday Weekend Sale
+ special BLACK FRIDAY FREE Giveway
  1 LUCKY customer will win $25 gift card
valid through March 2014 

And remember, the greatest gift you will ever share is the love of 

Jesus, the Reason for the Season! 


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