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Mary and Joseph

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 Have you ever considered what Jesus' earth parents had to go through to participate in the Eternal one's plan? After all, God could have chosen a different way to bring him into the world, but instead he chose normal human beings who had faith. But their faith was tested! Just contemplate the ridicule and disdain Mary must have endured as others came to know of her 'condition'. Even her betrothed, Joseph, had to question her virtue and commitment to purity! After all, who ever heard of a woman becoming pregnant by God, that sounds like an incredible 'excuse' then and now. But when Joseph was spoken to in a dream by God, he accepted the truth. But to top it off, scripture tells us that he honored God and Mary in delaying the consummation of their marriage until after Christ's birth. Their faith under trial is inspiring because they were everyday people just as you and I walking by faith, not by sight. God chose well! This clip got me to thinking about this: 

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