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 Having raised 5 children to adulthood, we spent many hours driving to and attending sporting events.  Hubbie coached each of them at least once through the years.  Baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, track, and hockey equipment were strewn about our house along with skateboards at some point over the last 30 years. [ My husband was a college athlete so I guess that was to be expected. ] However, as Christians, we wanted to train our kids to understand and practice putting God first. It was a risky decision, but we felt worship and learning about God could not just be talked about, but practiced.   So Wednesday evenings, they left practice early and in tournament play, we missed Sunday morning games.  As we explained to the coaches, if they were penalized for not being available, so be it.  But God blessed the faithfulness and they were all valued players.  And when we saw that we were too involved, we pulled back.  We took a sabbatical from extra activities to make sure that they had time to be still and enjoy childhood.  

Every parent wants their child to succeed in life, but are you planting seeds of self-fulfillment and spectator faith in their heart? Do they see you make tough decisions for your spiritual health?  Are you leaving time to exercise your faith in meaningful Bible study, prayer, and service to others? Or is your commitment to your church based on convenience and fitting around community involvement and sporting activities?   Remember time is short to model for them a passion for God and if you are fortunate enough to raise a pro athlete, may they be like Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy, known for their passion for God on and off the field!

Consider  to help you remember that whatever you do, do it for the Lord!

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