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The circus of life

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After an awesome holiday break with grownup 'kiddos' and their mates, it was back to putting finishing touches on site and the highlight of the week: 3rd-5th graders!  My stint of  Bible class on Wednesday began.  It is exciting to see the Word become real in the lives of the young (which at my age refers to anyone younger than 50). We brought teens and kids all together for my lesson intro of our Bee-Attitudes series.  I found an awesome object lesson to make the point of keeping the 'Spirit of Christ' in your life ( I love using every day things to pass on Biblical concepts and this is a great resource: ) PLUS it AMAZES me that many times while teaching God puts things in my head to be more effective.   I threw the bottle of soda to a teen and asked them to open it.  Needless to say, they asked for a different bottle Which gave me the chance to share what God has just revealed to me:That a person with the "spirit of Christ" can't help but to bubble over sharing Christ's love if they are 'active' in daily walking with God. Sprite unlike water sparkles with bubbles and sweetness.  Just like a disciple of Jesus is different because they have  the spark of Jesus and the sweetness it creates inside.  In addition, if you leave the cap off the Sprite it looses it fizz, just like someone who doesn't hold tight to the truth of God's word by prayer, daily study, and sharing the Good News.  

Prayerfully, the water and soda did more than wet their 'thirst' for learning about God.  I believe even the teens enjoyed having some Sprite to share! My students were excited and each wrote down 6 friends to invite for next week.

One of the Wed lesson intro times, I hope to figure a way to show 'The Butterfly Circus'.  (We don't have internet @ church building) If you haven't seen it,  take 20 minutes and watch:   I hope to contact Nick Vujicic and send him one of our 'Jesus Freak in the Circus of Life' shirts' in appreciation for this powerful short film.  And as you go through the Circus of Life remember your perspective will affect God's ability to use you.

Til the next rambling springs forth.....God bless and keep you!

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