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Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Even though our children went to school and grew up in the small Kansas community of Belle Plaine, the travel gave them the opportunity to see historical sights and exposed them to the endless possibilities of living in this nation. They were actively involved in the design, production, and sales of our 'A Different Direction Originals' and they learned hard work and people skills as we made disciples of Jesus. What a joy to see them walking with Him daily!

Now grown adults with children of their own, Ed and I returned to his first love - full time ministry in 2016. To allow us to transition, we consigned our apparel stock, vaulted the designs and downsized inventory. Now currently offers to you jewelry, books, and gifts.

As we look back over the last two years, lot has changed.This photo shows our adult children and the our four grandchildren in Colorado celebrating. This Christmas 2016 photo didn't even stay current for long as our 1st granddaughter was soon to make her debut in the new year and our youngest had announced just prior to the photo taking that she was expecting too! We now have 4 more little ones plus our final daughter-in-law! Can't see what blessings God showers upon us in the new year.

Ed and I will say good bye to the precious souls in Washington and begin a new work for the kingdom closer to family in early 2019. We are truly blessed to have them as family - physical and spiritual is what it's all about for us.

We thank God for customers and friends who made it all possible. We pray that you will be His instrument of healing to our hurting world too!

Love ya,

Ed and Debby Burrows

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