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Every Knee Shall Bow Christian T-shirt

Every Knee Shall Bow Christian T-shirt


This design from Garden Fire makes a powerful statement.  This is how they describe the graphic: 

Each of the symbols used in this design represents a world religion. (from left to right) the ancient Babylonian Pentagram, Zen Buddist Enso, Rastafarian Star, Yin & Yang of Taoism, Egyptian Ankh, Star & Cresent of the Islamic faith, Jewish Star of David, Islamic symbol of Allah, Druid Awen, I Ching, Hindu symbol of Shiva, and Christian Ichthus. It is a popular modern world belief that all religions serve the same god but call him by different names. This is a straight up lie. More than ever the world needs to know that there is only one true God.
Relaxed cotton fit

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