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Travel again??????

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 As you may not know, we started our business exhibiting at the big Christian music events like Creation East, Creation West, Cornerstone, Spiritwest Coast, and the like. Our summers were spent on the road with our family of five children from the time our youngest was 3 or so. We were able to keep abreast of the happenings in the spiritual kingdom and could test new designs. While the pace was hectic, we were able to meet a lot of you and despite the occasional glitches, it was good for us. 

With our youngest a junior in college, our nest has become empty and our prior helpers unavailable as they begin their lives as adults. Thus, we decided to stay put and focus strictly on online sales except for our yearly Leadership Training for Christ family Easter gathering. Ever since the economy crashed, Ed has worked for a multiple of marketing companies and I have ran the business. Then his mom health failed and we had to take on her daily care. She is doing better, but still requires constant monitoring. So we assumed that was life for us.  However, as He often does, God has thrown us a curve ball!

Beginning in July, we will begin exhibiting at various events once again. Plus two well-known organizations, "Women of Faith" and "Promise Keepers" have asked us to join them at their gatherings. So, pray that God will bless us with energy and come see us!

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